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Good News Travels Fast

Two days ago I got a call from my agent. I know. I started the last blog almost the same way. But, it's true. "Hey, Mike," says I. "You booked a role. It shoots tomorrow," says he. After much whooping and hollering on my part I asked which one. "Tall Man." That's great, I fairly shout into the air. "I thought I had a good audition. It's nice to know sometimes what you think is actually what happens." The point of this is not to point out how on point I was, but to illustrate pliability. Once again, if I had not been in LA to audition, and LA to get there "tomorrow" I never would have been cast. If I had been in my little hometown when "tomorrow" came I'd have had to book a flight, book a roo



Los Angeles, CA, USA

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