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The Sixth Day: A Novella About Creation and Prizefighting

The Sixth Day is the pivotal day in history, the day God almost quit. This novella about creation and prizefighting intertwines the lives of five brothers abandoned by their parents and a stranger who reveals the secret of those six pivotal days.


The Olympian: A Tale of Ancient Hellas

In the 75th Olympiad by Greek reckoning, the strongest, fastest, quickest, and most agile men in Hellas gathered at Olympia to celebrate life through athletic competition. That same year, 480 BCE by our reckoning, the Persian emprie ruled the known world save for that small peninsula dominated by a dozen democratic city-states.


The Secret Place of God's Power

The Secret Place of God's Power by Bill Vincent will truly stir your faith. By using Biblical principles Bill outlines much revelation for today's saints of God to walk in power. The power of God is the result of finding God in what is known as the Secret Place. 

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