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(I always have to look up hallelujah. I say it all the time but for some reason the spelling doesn't stick. I know, you're saying it's a self fulfilling prophesy. But with red line and auto correct, is it?)

The strike is over! As of 12:01am Thursday November 9, 2023! Amazing news from last week. The negotiating team calls it historic, wonderful, loads of progress. I'm sure they're right because walking the picket line didn't do much for the ol' bottom line.

The national board approved the deal at 86%. My first thought was, "86%?" A pessimist could see that as a red flag. Fortunately, I'm not a pessimist. That's a good solid B+, if not A-. Like I said, picketing isn't gainful employment so B+/A- sounds pretty good right about now.

I've had a chance to look at some of the provisions and I'm impressed. The union is going all out to get the details to everyone, so I'll know more very soon. Maybe today. Bottom line - higher wages, more health contributions, AI protections (though I suspect this is where we lost 14% of the national board) and audition protocols. I was very happy to see an in-person option (by request) folded in there. I love in person auditions. Still, I'm happy we have a choice to do either. Now, to get those auditions.

For a long time SAGAFTRA has been the strongest entertainment union, but it wasn't a strong union. That all changed this go around. I can't tell you how pleased I was/am that SAGAFTRA took off the gloves and put up it's dukes. It's good to be part of something greater than one's self at an historic moment. I think this qualifies.

We have to vote by December 14, 2023 for ratification. Like the WGA, I anticipate an overwhelming approval. Once that happens, we can get back to 95% unemployment. Ain't art grand?

Don't get me wrong. I love the whole artistic community; what we do, how we create, the endless hope from even the smallest inspiration. It's a universal axiom that the more fun a job, the more faith it takes. Acting takes plenty of faith. But that's okay. Faith is fun too.


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