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Good Company

The other day I received an email from Pamela Adlon. For anyone who doesn't know, she's the creator, director, show runner, writer, star, etc of Better Things on FX. Normally, I'd be thrilled to get an email from someone like her, or actually her, but this time was a little different. See, I shot an episode of Better Things (scheduled for broadcast on April 9, 2020) and had a terrific little scene with Pamela. The whole day was amazing. The atmosphere, the welcome, the energy were unlike anything I'd experienced on set before. Top to bottom, pros who love what they're doing. A truly great place to work. Needless to say, I had FUN. Then comes the email. It seems the scene never quite fit with

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Yesterday was blowy. Wind whipping things all over the place. Recycle cans, oranges, sticks and branches. When the wind comes down the hills and through our street it's something else. Today, the sky was clear with a touch of summer in the air. As a barefoot runner, almost perfect weather. Two normal days that got me thinking. Before I lived here, I lived in Sherman Oaks. Five days a week I'd run along the sidewalk grass through the well manicured neighborhood and feel like I was really accomplishing something. When I came to a patch of concrete, five or six steps, it was to be endured. Just until I got to that grass over there. Then I moved to Highland Park. It was a good long stretch of co



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