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Good News Travels Fast

Two days ago I got a call from my agent. I know. I started the last blog almost the same way. But, it's true.

"Hey, Mike," says I.

"You booked a role. It shoots tomorrow," says he.

After much whooping and hollering on my part I asked which one. "Tall Man." That's great, I fairly shout into the air. "I thought I had a good audition. It's nice to know sometimes what you think is actually what happens."

The point of this is not to point out how on point I was, but to illustrate pliability. Once again, if I had not been in LA to audition, and LA to get there "tomorrow" I never would have been cast. If I had been in my little hometown when "tomorrow" came I'd have had to book a flight, book a room, book a car...anything I made for the job would have been spent before it was earned.

You know what they say? Location, location, location.

So, up at 5:00, in my car (my call was 8:00) and onto set. Quick wardrobe fitting, hair and makeup (no, they didn't give me hair) and back to my trailer for paperwork, etc. For three hours.

I didn't mind, of course. Who would? Working is always the best part of working.

When I first walked onto the set (ten minutes before lunch) the director threw open her arms and gave a huge hug. "Welcome. Thank you for coming," she said. What a greeting! The whole cast and crew were just as welcoming to me. A great testament to the energy she fosters.

After lunch, I shot my scene with her. Can't describe how wonderful it was to just be an actor. Acting. Having fun. It's why we do this. To have fun. Word to the wise, if you're not having fun stop acting. If you're not acting, God love you.

It was a great, long day as all days are on set. If you want to see episode seven of the fourth season of "Better Things" the fourth season debuts February 20, 2020. After that it's Thursday's at 10:00pm. All on FX. (I recommend you watch the whole season. I'll show up sooner or later).

Keep blessing others. It's the only way to go.

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