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Limbo at the Crucible of Tomorrow

My website is in limbo. The problem with limbo is guilt. I have to pay the service fee but we're on strike and I don't have it. Sad, but true.

Even before this beautiful website was created for me, websites were on the shallow end of anyone's social media presence. Still, I like them and visit them often when researching companies or collaborators, so I want one of my own.

I think one can tell much about a person from their website; what they put up and what they pursue. My website is full of stuff like blogs, for instance, because I like to write. I also like to act and a reel or two pop up if you want to see them. So too music. I especially like the video at Groundlings where I play the topic of their invigorating improv in downtown Hollywood. That may sound self serving, because it is. A work website is supposed to be self serving.

I feel guilty because I can't prioritize my self service at the moment. Too many other financial priorities ahead of it in line. Most of which don't belong in a blog on a website gracing the internet, or hiding in the weeds.

Let me just say, it's okay to feel guilty. It's also okay to feel justified. Most of us walk through this world doing the best we can with what we've been given. I hope I'm one of the most, and I'll take a bit of comfort in that.

I just finished a web series gig in which I play multiple roles. One, a Scottish crew boss and the other and English scientist, were a whole ton of fun. Go, science fiction. I've always loved radio plays and web series' are today's radio plays. I can't wait to close my eyes, lean back and listen to the finished product. I don't know. Something about seeing the words in your mind instead of on the screen is another level of joy.

The WGA ratified their tentative agreement so it's now an agreement. Hopes were high SAGAFTRA would quickly follow suit, but as of today, Sunday October 15, 2023, the AMPTP walked away from and haven't returned to the bargaining table. I exhale. What's a boy to do? Walk the pickets and hope, I guess. Sooner or later it will be over. What we have on the other side of this debacle is the real question.

We don't fool ourselves that now is the crucible of tomorrow. Getting a deal that will sustain a livelihood is the only acceptable outcome. Not just for actors, but the studios too. We don't want to be the Republican House of Representative and cannibalize our institution until we're all dead and bloody on the floor.

Just had a producer request to read one of my screenplays. Here's hoping. I'll keep you posted.

The time is coming when our voices will be heard. I implore you to vote not just your conscience, but sanity.

Blessings, all.


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