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Practical Acting

It's February 24, 2024 and I'm late. I have a good reason, though. I've been busy.

Actually, I'm late to blog this month because I've been fortunate, fortunate to have a bunch of auditions. I don't know exactly how many and I can't tell you the last time I was in that boat! You know, it's a funny thing, auditioning. I've had the chance to "play" so may different characters over the last few weeks it's almost like real acting. (I can't find the wink emoji or it would go here).

I once heard a casting director/actor say, "It's only commercials. It's not acting." I resisted my inclination to swing as hard as I could at the guy so I could stay out of jail and use the learning moment here. It is acting. It's all acting. Even auditions are acting. So, I've been acting a lot lately and it feels almost great. If I can close the deal and book, it'll feel actually great.

I was sitting in an improv class a couple years ago and a conflicted friend to my left said (I'm paraphrasing slightly), "I'm trying to decide if all these auditions are really acting." I immediately jumped in and said, "Yes!" She was in a personal dilemma about whether to keep going or go back to Canada. She went back to Canada and booked a national commercial.

My point is, it's all "acting," whether you're a doctor, lawyer, social worker, teacher. If you're practicing, you're doing. I'll never forget a musician I didn't know saying on television, "It doesn't matter whether it's five minutes a day, or five hours. Play music." Amen, brother.

In the aftermath of the strike getting back to auditioning is a Godsend. Step one to step two to stepping on set. Here's prayin'!

Speaking of praying, I recently joined the Kingdom Writers Association at Hollywood Presbyterian church. It's a group of Christian writers supporting each other in our communal walk through show biz. Gotta say, a lot of really nice people to have in your corner. Good to be part of the tribe. I hope you have your tribe. If you don't, something like KWA is a good place to start.

The SAG Awards air tonight on Netflix. Another chance to prop up the industry we call home and I'm going to watch. I rarely forecast the winners, but it's fun to vote.

Practice your dream and remember to have fun. Blessings, all.


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