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I play the blame game when it comes to my keyboard. I just know I hit that letter. The fact the word is misspelled isn't my fault. I completely disagree with the physical evidence. My wife read a recent post of mine and asked if I'd mispelled the word on purpose. "What word?" I checked it three times, after all. She showed me and sure enough an "s" was dropped off. "But I...how did...sheesh." Too late to delte and fix the issue, so I had to leave it. Another testament to my lack of editorial acumen. When I was a kid my teacher watched me write in class one day. "Huh," he said. "What?" "I hear great writers often leave letters out of words because they're in such a hurry to get ideas out." (O

Talking Head

The thing about the pandemic is the silver lining. Lining's, actually. Just when you thought it was safe to leave the house, I get booked on a voice over job out of the blue. I mean, silver. I've done a fair amount of voice over work and it's great fun. Going into the studio, meeting the techs, the director, acting for money. But, what's a boy to do when everyone's confined to home? Interesting I should ask. Just the other day, Wednesday to be precise, a terrific studio here in the southland dropped off professional equipment for me to set up in my very own closet. (Actually, it's my wife's closet. Walk in. Don't judge). Extraordinary problems breed extraordinary solutions and this is one of



Los Angeles, CA, USA

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