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Back in the Habit

It's a new year. January 16, 2024. When I was a kid the year 2000 was science fiction. Everything about the future was the year 2000. Now, those science fiction babies are young adults getting ready to inherit the world we leave them. Let's make it a good one, yeah?

I'm not much for new year's resolutions. I think we form habits rather than quick fixes for long term success. If I start a new habit it's for a good reason, not the flipping of the calendar. Having said that, I'm not disparaging resolutioners. It's just not for me.

However, I decided to go to the Kingdom Writer's Association last weekend. Coincidentally, the first meeting of the year. Not a resolutions, but maybe a habit?

I was hoping to find another group with whom I can bounce ideas, get feedback, give feedback, commiserate on careers. You know, the usual. I was mightily surprised to find it is none of those things. Basically, it's a support network for Christian writers. How are things going? You're special. This too shall pass. All the feel good mojo a creative needs to feel good about losing their mojo.

It's not that being a Christian writer is unique or even unusual. It's that copping to it is. It has it's own set of pitfalls. The first question is always "What have you written?" Complete minefield. I've written a bunch of stuff, most of which hasn't been published or produced yet. So, it can, at once, make me feel inadequate and like a fraud. The second question is always "Christian, huh? What have you written?" Okay, pretty much the same question. But, there's a lot of agnosticism, or worse, in Hollywood to supplement the antagonism. So, setting oneself up with that moniker has it's professional risks. Of course, I'd rather risk profession than soul. So, there's that.

Having happily found this little haven, I entered with relief. We started with prayer. Always a good sign, in my book. The great thing about being in company with Christians is everybody recognizing the higher power that is God. For the life of me I don't know how anyone survives in this business without it. If God weren't backstopping the near constant brush-offs me and my cohorts face every day, well, I don't think I'd last a minute. It's so easy to get twisted into believing the negativity when you don't have a strong antidote.

Anyway - (sidebar, it's not anywayS. It's anywaY. Period), we proceeded to talk about goals, or lack thereof, individual practice and how we keep moving forward. So funny how everyone is uniquely the same. What I mean is, we're all working toward the same goal - finish. How? There's the million dollar variation. Some people need structure, some can't stand it. Some need encouragement, some are islands. But, we all need validation that what is in our hearts isn't some cosmic joke. That's where KWA really comes in handy. Commiseration is a great salve for the insecurity that ails you.

It was an exercise in safe harbor. That, I think, is the real value of community. Sure, I'm talking about a writer's get together, but everyone needs community. Their tribe, their people. Company. No one walks through the world alone, not matter how lonely it can get.

So, I started the new year with a new group. And, so far so good.

In other news, a director friend asked to send some of my scripts to a producer he knows. The guy's looking to make film down under in the near present. Woop! Good new year news. I'll keep you posted.

Auditions are starting to pick up a little. Had a very good session with a casting director a couple days ago. Zoom! I miss in person. But, I'll take what I can get. As long as I get a shot.

Have a great 2024. Until next time, God bless.


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