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Sliver of silver

I was all set to extol the virtues of my eternally optimistic acting community, that in the face of Covid 19 auditions still came through hoping that come late January, early February, mid March, attenuating April, we'd be on set filming. I mean, who wouldn't be optimistic, right?

Then my union, in its infinite wisdom, sent an email to all its members. Basically, they advised productions to hold off a few weeks. You know, its tough enough to get hired, but when even your union says "whoah" one has to take stock.

Don't get me wrong. I agree with the union. As of this writing, Los Angeles county is THE epicenter of the worldwide pandemic. Cases are exploding, hospitalizations are capacity and deaths are despicably record setting. So, I get it. But, sheesh!

I digress. Covid and optimism. I don't think any of my actor, writer, director, producer, musician friends quite expected the incredible opportunity this shutdown presented. If you're like me, or I'm like you, you have plenty of "projects" sitting on the sidelines waiting for time to "do them." So, what excuse do I have for letting my Shakespearean monologues get shaky? None, I tell you. Or, that pitch deck sit idle? None again. What about the rewrite of that pilot? You get the point.

Here, in this curious malady of excess time, the reflection off the silver lining keeps blinding me.

I guess it comes down to how you feel about dedication. Is it time to rewrite that pilot, or maybe, just maybe, it's time to put it on the shelf and start something new. Reflection. It's a gift only time can give and we sure have plenty of it.

Maybe household names don't have the same luxury. If your name sells movies, tv shows and albums, maybe you have to work regardless. Socially distanced, of course. The rest of us curate the grind of refining, auditioning and hoping, calling our days our own and making lunch in our own kitchens. Take that, A listers.

But, in the end, I guess, optimism is the defining characteristic of the whole "creative" community. If we didn't really believe, with all our hearts and souls, that we'll "make it" someday the planet would be a much gloomier place. And, who knows, maybe that's the best entertainment we can give the world.

Stay safe. Wear a mask. God bless you.


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