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What a great last couple of weeks. Merry Wives of Windsor is in full swing with wonderful audiences. I begin rehearsal for Trouble The Water in a couple days. I'm dubbing a Spanish television series and I signed with a very pro-active management house.

The professional side of things is swingin'. I said early on, this blog would try to focus on work but I've rarely had so much to say about it at once. Feels good.

My new managers at Golden Artists Entertainment filled a void left when my original agent and friend passed away from COVID. That was tough. I know I talked about it already, but it gives context.

Sitting at my computer in my little office it was hard not to feel verklempt when dozens of little blue calendar follow ups reminded me I didn't have representation. In this business, representation is critical. For those of you who don't know, actor "job openings" are called breakdowns. Agents and managers get career making breakdown, while the little guy gets the others. Without a manager or agent it's nearly impossible to get into a room on anything other than low budget stuff. (I'm not disparaging low budget stuff. Some of it is quite good and often it's work for the "in - between") If a person wants to make a living acting, those network shows and funded films are lifeblood.

I was frustrated. Naturally. Because I don't want to burden anyone I hesitated to reach out to my network for help. When I did I got mixed responses. Most wanted to help but their agents weren't taking new clients. Cold calling is tricky because it's hit or miss whether a phone gets picked up. Cold emails are trickier because the delete button is right over there. So, almost against my better judgement, I reached out to a friend with whom I'd worked recently and he gladly gave me his rep's info. Not coincidentally, I worked with his rep before on that same project.

When I called her she welcomed me with open voice. What a relief. Sure, cold calling was uncomfortable, but we do what we have to do. And not only in the biz. In life. In this case, I was relieved she was relieved to rep me. That's divine intervention.

By the way, that project? It's called The Vakarian Star. Here's a little blurb we all hope you like (Feel free to spread the word)

So, I guess, the lesson I should have learned earlier is friends are friends for a reason. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Maybe that's two lessons, I don't know. Nevertheless, if the tables were turned I'd be happy to introduce my friends looking for representation. So, why should I treat myself any differently? (Three lessons?) All I can say is trust that God put your friends in your life for a reason. Sometimes, it's to help you get representation.

If you are in the Topanga Canyon neighborhood this summer, check out Will Gear's Theatricum Botanicum ( Grab a ticket to Merry Wives or Trouble the Water and stick around to say hi. Love to see you.

Just so I can put it in print (and coin it myself) "at the end of the day it's not the end of the world." I'll tell you the story after the show. Blessings.


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