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It finally happened. The really cool project I did about a year ago is live at last. Say hello to LT 514 from Star Wars Squadrons! I know. I have so many Star Wars friends it was a real accomplishment keeping it quiet all this time.

What a great experience. It's been said that acting is acting. Mostly regarding the difference between film and stage, but motion capture fits in there too. I think about the transition from stage to radio to movies to television and I figure this is kind of the same thing. A person could act in video games for a whole career and do all right.

The story lines in our project were (are) as engaging as a feature and quick as a comedy. It's difficult to explain the expansive work done on these because so many variables are involved. It's a miracle.

Without violating my contract, I'll just tell you the people with whom I worked were magnificent. Top talents and really friendly. One of the producers wrote me when the game was released and thanked me for my performance. I know, right? He said how pleased he was that LT 514 entered the "Star Wars Canon," (and I'm not even Catholic) and then complimented me a couple more times. Who does that?

Actors get used to inattention, especially from casting directors and producers. One in ten is a fantastic booking rate. Usually, it's more like one in a hundred. When something clicks and all is right with the world, all is right with the world. That's a great feeling. The trick is to keep it going.

Not for the first time, I was surprised by an interview request. Boy, did I want to do the interview, but a breach of contract is no laughing matter. So, I begged off. Actually, my agent begged off because that's what agents do. The dirty work. Gee, I'm glad I'm not an agent. But, to think someone wanted to talk to me, er, uh, LT 514. Well now, that's pretty cool.

As I move forward in my acting career I continue to pound the proverbial pavement and press the proverbial flesh. Sometimes I think acting is biblical. A hard slog with lots of disappointments. I was going to say "but", but that's really it. Actually, every once in a while you get a chance to work and that's great.

Shameless promotion coming - buy the game! It's fun. It's exciting. And, it's good for my career. (I hope I get an LT 514 sequel. You can buy that one too!)

Blessings in this viral time. Wear a mask, keep safe.

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