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I play the blame game when it comes to my keyboard. I just know I hit that letter. The fact the word is misspelled isn't my fault. I completely disagree with the physical evidence.

My wife read a recent post of mine and asked if I'd mispelled the word on purpose. "What word?" I checked it three times, after all. She showed me and sure enough an "s" was dropped off. "But did...sheesh." Too late to delte and fix the issue, so I had to leave it. Another testament to my lack of editorial acumen.

When I was a kid my teacher watched me write in class one day. "Huh," he said. "What?" "I hear great writers often leave letters out of words because they're in such a hurry to get ideas out." (Of course, I'm paraphrasing within quotation marks because it was a long time ago). That was all it took. If I'm leaving letters out of words then I must be a great writer. Wright?

It doesn't jive with me telling everyone I'm a stickler for accuracy. I do, by the way. Tell everyone.

In fact, if I want to judge another writer the first thing I look for are spelling errors. How's that for arrogance? Sometimes I find myself reading something someone else has written and changing a word here and there to what I think it should be. Or, even more self righeously, what I think they meant. Boy. Am I the kettle or the pot?

I finaly decided to lean into this whole bad keyboard ethos. If it doesn't know exactly what I meant to write then what good is it? I'm sure my typing is flawless, flawless enough I don't have to proof read. But, I do. Because my keyboard is a double agent, subtly slipping in extra b's or sloppy lower cases and high falutin' upper cases to wrods that don't need 'em in the least.

The real injustice here is, I can't work without it. And it knows it! So, it just keeps on switching c's with w's and making me look like an idiot. Imagine!

I wonder if my keyboard talks to your keyborad. You know, like that episode of The Jetson's when all the appliances revolted. Is it laughing at me? Making corny slow hand jokes to its keyboard friends? Planning a work stoppage when I need it most?

Just like a keyboard. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it's doing it to me right nwo. But, I won't give it the satisfaction. This is going up as is because I don't need to proof. I think I've earned it. Don't you?

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