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Mistaken Identity

I want to share a little story about good intentions, bad execution and dumb luck.

I was at a union event listening to four or five Artio Award nominated casting directors. Very interesting stuff. One of them surprised us all by giving out an email address. "Anyone who contacts me will get sides to audition."

Heads dropped, pens scribbled, phone keyboards clacked and actors the room over thought, "Holy cow. What just happened?"

Before I left the building I sent the email, promising to read the specs carefully so as not to make the CD's life more difficult. The next morning, there it was in my inbox with a churlish grin and "that's what they all say." Well, I was going to be different.

So, I read the sides for the two animated shows and got to work recording my auditions. Several hours later I had what I needed.

The instructions said to use Dropbox or WeTransfer or some other program I can't quite remember, to send a bundle to the CD at a special email. Oh, and a signed Non Disclosure Agreement.

Signed, scanned and ready to go I sent my Dropbox files. The next thing I know I'm receiving curt responses saying I hadn't followed the instructions and please don't send your auditions. My heart sank!

I quickly re-read the instructions and decided I had done what was asked and what are they talking about? All the while, Dropbox kept sending message after message.

As life would have it, the CD called me. Ostensibly to exercise the anger I'd induced, but called none the less. After a few heart felt apologies, the CD asked that I stop the messages before the gmail account crashed. I didn't exactly know how, but I said "Of course."

"By the way, I did follow your instructions," I said. Despite protestations and a little back and forth, the CD finally acknowledged they were a bit confusing.

I don't want to appear blameless. I missed the fact the submissions were to be sent to a completely different email than the one to which I sent them. Clearly I caused unnecessary angst.

But, after a lengthy phone conversation we actually got to an easy exchange and comfort concerning the whole process. Yes, I could submit and if I needed any help just call. Which I did.

That second call was almost like old friends. I got the help I needed to make sure history didn't repeat itself. The CD got my audition and a chance to blow off a little frustration. Win win.

I'd love to tell you I got a call back, but I didn't. Still, the CD has me and my agent on the radar now where that wasn't the case the day before. Hopefully I'll get another chance. In this town there's only so many voices to go around. I'd like to be one of them.

Blessings all.

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