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Good Work Hunting

It was a good weekend. Actually, it was a good week. I like good weeks. Monday last I auditioned for Center Theater Group here in Los Angeles. It was a unique morning. The audition was what is known in the business as an "open call." Most of you have probably heard of it, or even experienced it. In an of itself, no big deal. The doors open at, say, 10:00am. Everyone in line shuffles through the doors and the casting director sees as many as he/she can. In theory, this one was just like that. Except it was wasn't. I knew downtown LA is tough on parking. So, I scrambled out of my routine at 7:45am and hustled to West Temple Street. Easy. Traffic was good, weather was good (as always) and timin

Bucket Listing

It's been a pretty good couple weeks here in my adobe. After years of waiting, I finally got my Actors Equity card. (Actually, haven't quite received the card yet, but they tell me it's in the mail). Growing up in theatre Equity was a mixed bag. A healthy envy flowed freely upstream from us uninitiated to those pro's. Acting school was great, but acting for money was the endgame. The union was a sign of accomplishment. You made it. Of course, bucket lists don't always reflect the truth. The truth is no actor ever "makes it." We're always striving to do the thing we can not live without for a living. I often wonder if accountants feel the same way. Do numbers curry that allure? But, I digress



Los Angeles, CA, USA

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