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Right, As Rain.

I started rehearsal for a new show, The Warrior Queen. Also, I finished the summer repertory season the week before. A lot of theater coming and going.

But, the REALLY big new is, it rained! Not just a drizzle, but a good old fashioned thumper. Clouds out, sky gray, horizon foggy thumper. It feels like childhood.

Rain in Southern California is a big deal. Don't get me wrong, Sun is fun and fashionable, but you can't drink it. With the passing of the hottest summer on record, we've all been praying for precipitation. Our poor lawn tuned brown, then white, then gray itself. It's been praying as hard as us for a sip of hope. Thank goodness it came last night.

Funny how my routine changes when it rains. Usually, I get up, do a little exercise, run and water the fruit trees. This morning, running in the rain was heaven. And, the watering was done for me. It's been a long time since I've been able to greet the yard without a hose in my hand.

I love our street in the rain. The wet pavement, the dripping trees. People seem to have exhaled. And, that's a good thing. We have big trees lining the other side of the road and it's a thing of beauty to watch them "green" after a downpour. Reminds me of Northern Oregon, where this isn't usually an issue. Of course, climate change changes usual to I'm not sure.

Speaking of, the changing climate is a threat to everything. I don't understand the reticence to solve the problem. It can't be money, because the green economy will produce wealth beyond imagination. So, it must be intransigence. Oil wants to keep it all for themselves. Typically republican't.

When I was younger I thought, if we get rid of gasoline we can turn gas stations into charging stations. Oil companies will still get their piece and we won't have a pollution problem (because that's what it was when I was young). Today, those carpetbaggers missed their chance. Independent charging stations are going up all over the country and the perpetrators of the greatest crime in history are s.o.l. In my opinion, good riddance. What goes around comes around. You get what you deserve. And all the other appropriate cliches. But, I digress.

The rain. What a beautiful gift to a thirsty region. It's not projected to last more than a day, but Fall is upon us and more rainy days will come. Because I have faith no matter how hard we try, we can't outrun God's generosity. Isn't that a comfort?

Again, this blog is for the "biz". So, I'll slink back to it. I shot pickups for a Christmas movie, Screenshot to Santa. "Pickup" means additional footage because something went wrong, or more story is needed. Stuff like that. I was gratified to learn they wanted to increase my part. So much fun to be the bad guy in a Christmas movie. I hope it will be out this season (though that's just a guess on my part). Have a look if you get the chance. And, if you're in Burbank sometime after November 5 and before November 18, stop by the Colony theatre for the young adult Warrior Queen. Say hi after the show. I'd love to see you.

Until we meet again, blessings.

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