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Palabras Extranos Que No Conosco

Just got back from central Mexico. I wish I could say it was for work but it wasn't. Travel has a habit of making one reflective.

I was literally in the geographic center of the country in a town of which I'd never heard. The days were warm, the nights cool. The plaza's were alive and nobody cared about star meters or social media influence or what I ate. It was terrifically free anonymity. Side bar - I don't have to worry about anonymity. I have plenty at home. It was more a sense of ease and tranquility.

Where we were has 1.4 million people in the metro area, so it's not particularly small. It's no LA, of course, but, then, what is? Still, the pace was more relaxed. I'm not sure if they're doing "it" right, but it worked for me for a couple days. After that I started to itch for the hustle and bustle of the American ethos.

I like Mexico. Not their soccer team. The country. It was a challenge for me to be immersed in Spanish all day, all night. Mine is on the rise, but it really had nowhere to go but up and it's not very even now. Here's the thing; the more I was swamped in the language, the more I could see future me actually speaking it. Fluently. It became real. A possibility.

So, I decided to redouble my efforts to learn the first language of my wife and try to get conversational. It's amazing how much I could glean from context, hand gestures and expression. That kind of encouragement deserves to be encouraged.

Walking out of our hotel lobby I grabbed a complimentary local paper. No English. Solo Espanol. Thought I'd read it at the airport, bring it home and dissect it for all those strange new words I didn't know. Wasn't long before almost the entire article was strange new words I didn't know, but I was undeterred. Like I said, it's amazing what can be absorbed through context.

Feeling pretty good about another reason to watch soccer on tv (Spanish language announcers) and the paper in my hand, I sat down in the middle of row 24 for a three hour flight in tight confines and cinder block seats. About an hour in, my left knee was hurting in that way cramped spaces do, so I folded up my paper and put it on my rodilla for a little extra padding. That worked for a while, until I had to stretch my legs.

At my height I had to stand up bending over at the waist so as not to wack my head on the overhang. Sure, it's great when you want to turn on the air vents while sitting, but a pain (pun intended) when legs need straightening.

The tiny lady next to me, on the aisle, was contentedly asleep or reading just before falling asleep the whole trip. So, she was no help at all. There I was, hunched like Quasimodo, rubbing the blood out of my ankles and thanking God I wasn't taller. (That never happens, by the way).

Not that I don't like air travel. I don't like cramped air travel. So, stretching my legs was a matter of urgency. Neatly floating to the floor, of course, was my folded paper. No problem, I thought. Just remember to put it in the backpack.

Fast forward to the landing and this particular airline makes you wait to stand until it's your turn to leave! Never heard of that before, though I have to admit, in the main, it's a good idea. Not for me, though. I really needed to stand up. "Hey, I'll wait, just get me out of this row."

When it finally came our turn I grabbed the backpacks and scooted up the aisle to stretched piernas and aires libre. Of course, the paper was still on the floor. Que sera sera. At least I could feel my toes, right?

I am determined, though. Thank goodness our American ethos built the internet so we can find anything, anytime, anywhere and work non-stop. I look forward to reading the online version.

Knowing another language isn't just a cool thing to pull out a parties. It promises to double my chances at voice over, expand my influence internationally and appeal to the electorate when I run for king of the world. Hmm. Sounds like a good idea all the way around.

On another topic, I'm in the midst of new management and/or agent-ing. Have a call tomorrow with the team to discuss what we can do for each other. I hope it's in English, because my campaign for high office is still a long way off.

Blessings, all. Travel if you can. All things with love and peace. Talk again soon.

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