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Humans in the Universe

Last Thursday I went to acupuncture for the first time. May not seem career related, but I popped my left elbow into tendonitis shaking a big staff during my last show. That was four months ago. It's been gradually getting better since.

I have to tell you, acupuncture works. After one visit my tendon felt ninety percent better. The doc says one more and that should be it. Pause a moment. One more visit? Then I'm done? I should have done holistic healing a long time ago. No pharma, no designed recidivism, no games. Just healing. Color me impressed.

Seems I'm the last in my little family to catch the wave. In fact, the doc is my wife's and she's worked through a pretty bad injury - all without drugs. What can I say? Even if it's who you know, you still have to know how to leap.

(Alarmingly obvious segue to show biz) It's like a network. If you're an average Joe trying to break into the biz, or any other biz for that matter, you can't help but meet people. People who can do things for your career. We're all looking for the magic bullet that shoots us straight to the top. But, I think it's just as important to be the bullet if you can. And you always can. Because there's always someone a little more starty than you, someone who can use your advice or a plain old pat on the back.

I had a meeting with a friend who's transitioning. He wants to act more. The powers that be divested him of his primary occupation and, as he saw it, it was an opportunity, and could I give him a screenshot of my experience? Of course I said yes. I mean, someone wants MY advice? Are you kidding?

He'd been drudging for a long time, paid off his house, provided for his family, but always had that little voice in his head asking, "Is this it?" So, when opportunity knocked, it didn't need the password.

I'm not sure I helped all that much. He didn't need to know about the rejection; he didn't need to know about the instability; he didn't need to know about the scarcity. At this point, chasing his dream is gravy. So, what could I possibly say to help him?

I started by asking what he wanted. Just like asking someone for advice, this kind of interest isn't window dressing. It's validation. And, validation is a two way street. Like I said, I don't know if I gave him any constructive hope, but I certainly know a little more about him. Hopefully, he knows a little more about me. And, you know what, we're in each other's networks.

He booked a gig shortly after we talked. Had nothing to do with anything I told him, but I was sure happy to hear. He had a great time, made a connection or two and put branches on the network tree. Nice going, pal.

That's the way life works. At least in human terms. Yeah, the way we audition has changed, the way we monetize has changed, the way technology is constantly in flux is change. But person to person hasn't changed a bit. It's still the best thing about life and the universe. Hey, you can't sell a movie if people aren't buying and you can't buy success if you don't know people. So, be the best person you can, for you and the universe.

Blessings one and all.

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