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My Feet Are Wet

Just finished another voice over gig with Netflix. Gee. I hope that doesn't sound too braggy. The fact is they've called me for four projects and every time I'm surprised and grateful.

This one was particularly satisfying because I voiced a character who was in every episode. In a strange way I feel a bit of ownership. Maybe rentalship because I was English dubbing a Spanish show. But, hey, you gotta live somewhere.

As always I can't say anything specific until it actually airs. Non disclosure, you know. Suffice it to say it was a lot of fun and a good chunk of work. Picking up a check is pretty darn satisfying too.

I woke up last Monday and got down on my knees. Remembering numerous passages in the Gospel's I asked God for a favor. Not just favor, but victories as an actor and writer. I know. Might seem selfish, but when the big guy says ask and ye shall receive, or ye receive not because you ask not, or maybe it was I know what you want before you say it, anyway, I asked. A few minutes later I'm running down Las Flores street and the phone in my pocket dings. I'm thinking it's a good morning from the usual suspects, but no. It's my agent. My audition starts on page 3 - ignore the first two pages. That's great! I got an audition.

I raced home as quickly as possible (which isn't all that quick these days) and popped on my computer. There, staring me in my ever loving face, is a request from a producer to read a pilot I wrote. Holy cow! Or, holy water. Holy something. Victories as an actor and a writer. So, what did I do Tuesday? Exactly.

It's not that I take that kind of thing for granted. But it seems every time I'm feeling the slightest bit stalled, God gives me a shove. It's no coincidence he answered when I asked. That gives me a bunch of hope, even if the world looks hopeless.

On this 20th day of August in the year of our Lord 2021, ignorance is running rampant. I'll bet if I change that date to any other date in history the statement is still true. Nevertheless, ignorance is rampant here, now, today. The history books will tell future generations the facts - dead, disabled, infected. But it's important to know the political landscape that divided our country between 2016 and 2020 is the underlying root of the problem. Frankly, those of us who do the right thing are getting pretty darn sick of it. So, when I say I'm filled with hope even though the world looks hopeless, I know of what I speak. I'm getting a lot of practice lately.

I believe we're better when we help each other, not when we hurt each other. I hope a year from now the helping will supercede the hurting, cooperation will supercede corrosion and my country will heal physically and mentally.

It's never an easy thing to sway 350 million people, but eventually the right thing always does. We kicked out a fascist and hired a guy who knows how to govern. Even if some ignore faith, science and common sense, this guy knows what he's doing. For the record, the vaccine is the province of divine inspiration and scientific gift. The Lord delivers both. Reminds me of the story of a guy in a flood: He's on his roof as the water's rising. "God will save me," he calls to the heavens. A life preserver floats by. He ignores it. "God will save me." His neighbor comes by in a rowboat. "No thanks, Charlie. God will save me." A helicopter drops a line. "God will save me." The ever rising water finally overtakes him and he's off to the pearly gates. There he meets Jesus. "Why didn't you save me?" he asks. "I sent a life preserver, a boat and a helicopter. What else did you want?" Jesus answered.

I know things will get better. I know common sense will out. Eventually. I know because I have hope.


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