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Fun For A Living

I was ready to write a vaulting blog about the great things that happened in my career over the last couple weeks. And, I will.

Outdoor theater in the Southland seems like a pretty safe bet. As a patron, I mean. In the midst of the hottest summer on record, both shows of mine went up the same hot Sunday a couple weeks ago. Hey, if you can't stand the heat, am I right? Well, the afternoon matinee kicked off at 102 degrees. Unfortunately, I wear a heavy old timey jacket with tails the whole time, until I change into a long, black wool coat buttoned to my neck. Ah, the relief? Anyway, it was warm.

Of course I wasn't alone. Everyone was feeling it, dripping through their cotton and wool themselves. It's the first time in my career an audience member had to be ushered out with assistance and a coincidental nurse to keep from fainting. Whoo, boy. Fortunately, I'm told, she was all right after a cool down and liquids, but she didn't return to the show.

Side note: it's anyWAY not anywayS. I'm so tired of people mispronouncing this oh so easy conjunctive. (Now, I sound totally arrogant. Or is it arrogants?)

Anyway, I did the second show in the temperate 90 degree evening and called it a day. A very good day.

The next Friday I was scheduled to perform in the evening. Friday afternoon, it started to rain. Now, if you're at all familiar with SoCal, rain is rare in late August/early September. But, boy did we need it. Naturally we cheered it, well, cheered the drizzle. If you're from a wet country this was barely rain, and rain doesn't stop anything in a wet country. So, I was plenty surprised some people wanted to cancel the show. (Remember, it's outdoors). Mustn't the show go on? Isn't there something sacred in giving our all for the audience? Nah. We cancelled for safety.

The following week I got cast in another show that begins rehearsal eight days after the rep season closes. What a gift. Feels pretty good to go from one to the other. Makes the transition easier. I'll keep you posted on that one as the time comes.

And, three of my feature scripts are in front of producers as we speak. Nothing solid yet, but it's a shot. I'll keep you posted on those too. Huzzah!

In a couple hours I'll leave for tonight's show. In a word, I'm blessed. Even if the money's tight and the gigs hard to get, I'm blessed. You've probably heard it before, but if you do what you love you never work a day in your life. I think that's true. Having fun for a living is fun.

I wish you all fun for a living.

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