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Sometimes show biz has a moment of pure mundanity.(Just made that up)

Today I got word that my W-2 is ready for electronic download. Well, one of my W-2's, anyway. See, if one is lucky (or blessed) enough to book a gig the money can come from any number of places.

The big boy on the block is Entertainment Partners, or EP. I did a show last year that uses EP and EP "sent" me my W-2. Almost like I had a "real" job. (Any actors out there have heard that from their parents, am I right?)

Nevertheless, most of my earnings last year were from shows that don't use EP. Does that mean they're smaller shows? No, not really. Although, in my world, doing a network show is big. Back to the actors out there -- we know getting paid to act is a win regardless the bookkeeper.

I've been mulling lately and, since it's mid-January, I thought I'd look back on the year that was. For me, the best year I've had since coming to the Southland. Three major bookings that gave me work over the course of most of the year. That sure felt good.

On a personal note, I got married. That sure feels good.

Since this is my professional portal, I'll try to stick to business as much as possible, but, hey, marriage! That's a big deal.

First booking was a video game with a major franchise I still can't mention. Series regular. Woo hoo. They tell me there's still work to do and I hope so. It's a blast. As soon as they give us the green light I'll be splashing the name all over this blog!

Second booking was "Better Things," on FX. One episode, I play "Tall Man." Yeah, yeah. He doesn't even have a name. But, hey, that's what they do at the show. If I was Joe, I'd be some schmuck in the background. Episode 7 of season four airs later this year. Season premier is in February. When I know when, you'll know when.

Third booking was "Date of Honor" for Facebook Watch. Bernardo the butler, series regular. Woo hoo! Episodes 1-4 are on FB right now at . Hope you give a look, like and comment.

Thank God and my agent I got into the room for network shows this past year. For me that's a breakthrough. I'm very grateful. Heck, I read for "Superstore" today, even though today isn't last year. You know what I mean. I'll keep you posted.

Though I'd like to tell you about more, more will have to come this year. So, those are the highlights. Not bad for a kid from the block.

Hope you had a great year, have a great year and have a lot of fun. As more happens I'll let you know.


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