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Time and Place

The other day I got a call from my agent. "Alistair. Can you be down on Wilshire in an hour?"

"Yes!" I lunged, realizing I'm at least that from the address. But, hey, when you get a last minute audition you just go!

"Should I send the sides to your phone?" "No," I said. "To my computer. I can print them out." So, for the next four minutes I raced around the house changing my pants, grabbing my shoes, slipping on an audition shirt, re-checking my email, printing the sides and scampering for the garage.

Like everyone I know I put the address in Siri. Sure enough, about an hour. Oh well, God will handle this.

Last minute auditions are great feasts of freneticism. As I'm dodging traffic, trying my best to be fast without being dangerous, I thought to myself, "They called me in and know I only have an hour to get there. What am I worried about?" You know what, nothing.

Fortunately I had only a few lines so that was easy enough. And, it was network, so plus plus.

Actually, I made it in fifty five minutes, ten minutes after my call. Luckily, there were a couple others ahead of me, so it looked like I was on time. Not that I was hiding anything, but no harm no foul.

Maybe not my best audition, but not bad. I got to run it three times with the associate and bing, bang, boom I'm in the mix. Good news? It was the second time in a week this casting director called me in.

When it was all over I sat in my car and thanked God I live in the southland. This was a testament to being in the right place at the right time. You're not making a "get there in an hour" audition from Tulsa.

Sometimes I hear people say they'll fly in for auditions. Okay. Expensive, but okay. Not for something like this, though. And, it happens more than you'd imagine.

If you want to be an actor it's either LA or New York. Maybe Chicago. Possibly Atlanta. But none of those hold a candle to the opportunities the City of Angels provides.

If you don't want to be an actor, live wherever you want. God love you.

Astriskly speaking, I got an audition for a pretty big project. Can't say anything because it's only an audition. But, if anything comes of it, you'll hear it here first (or second, because I'll tell my family first).

Keep blessing.

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