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Great is Good

Sometimes a great experience makes all the difference. It doesn't have to be entertainment, it doesn't have to be any field, really. When something goes right it changes the whole trajectory of perception.

I auditioned for a little project months ago. The prevalent advice to forget it once you're done certainly applied here. After weeks I got an email call back invite. Swingin'. After the call back I got a "congratulatons, you're cast," email. Even swingin'-er. Then, months went by. And, once again, I forgot about the whole thing.

I don't want to give the impression I'm absent minded. Occasionally a project falls through and nary a word is whispered to the cast or crew. And I didn't hear anything, so I figured...Then, seemingly out of the blue, the director called me. He was heavily in pre-production and wanted to know my availability. Fortunately, I wanted to be available.

After a couple false starts we finally filmed the first week of November. For anyone who's tried to mount a cinematic production, getting to actual filming is a victory in and of itself. Huzzah!

From the giddy-up the team impressed me with their determination. All the locations, equipment and crew were secured before casting was done which, in my opinion, separates the doers from the wanna's. Doer's are great because they actually do stuff to make whatever happen.

Here's the real reason I'm writing this blog. These people were terrific! It's unfortunately rare when every single person in an organization, on set, in your family, is kind and genuine and earnest. This project is rare. In fact my wife left the wrap party saying these were the most sincerely kind people she'd met. If that's not resounding endorsement I don't know what is.

As an actor I'm used to being the last consideration. In fact, I think actors should be the last consideration. So many other things have to be set before the performance that the performance becomes a result of other people's hard work. Boy, did other people work hard. Made me want to do the same.

It's a pilot in post production now. Fortunately for me the director was open to music I wrote as the theme. Another blessing and further proof I fell into a good thing. I've always said acting should be fun. With this group of lions acting is family. What a blessing.

I'll keep you posted on progress of The Vakarian Star. Be hopeful. Be peaceful.


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