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Audition Ignition

I submitted a taped audition for a feature film yesterday. Not unusual in and of itself, except it was the second time of asking. I mean, the second time they asked me. Normally, that's a "call back," and we loooove call backs.

This one was a little strange, though. Same casting directors asking the same actor to submit a tape of the same role, lines and all. Hmm. At first I thought it was a mistake. In my experience, call backs are usually live, either in person or via Zoom. No matter how many times I re-read the notice, it said "tape." Hmm.

Not that I'm complaining. If I've learned anything it's that anything can happen in the biz. Asking someone to submit another tape for the same role? Possibly normal-ish behavior.

I told my wife and she said, "Maybe the guy they picked dropped out." Huh. That made me feel strangely bad. As in I was second best at best. If my first try wasn't good enough what makes anyone think my second will be? Then my wife said, "They asked YOU." That made me feel predictably good! Yeah. It's hard enough to get auditions in the first place. I should celebrate getting called in at all.

Since I was feeling redepmtively better, I thought about re-submitting my original. Note the "not picked" note above. Then I thought I should do something different. But, if it truly was a call back every "adviser" in Hollywood says "Do the thing that got you there." Hmm.

So, I stopped thinking about it and started thanking about it. I got another shot at a really cool character in a cool sounding project. Don't be a nooge.

Fortunately, I already had the lines memorized. Funny how that works. An audition from a month ago and the lines are still kicking around up there. That was a real advantage. All I had to do was focus on two different takes on an already loaded premise and have fun. So, I did.

Not that it matters (according to every CD I've ever heard) but I changed up the costume a little. Different jacket, different shirt, different elevation. Even if I believed I nailed the emotion the first go 'round, I changed it up to make it fresh. I hope I did, anyway. And, I hope the CD's think I did too.

I'd already given up on this project because of the time in between. That's the rule. If you don't hear in a week or so, move on. Actually, move on as soon as you send in the audition because it's out of your hands. Ah, show biz. Regardless, I'd nearly forgotten about it all together. What a gift I get to live in the possibility again. Yeah, I want the job. But this second "hope life" is pretty cool all by itself. Wish me luck, er, uh, broken legs.

On another front, I have a meeting with a Lit Agent in a few days. My last foray didn't pan out as I'd hoped. She said she loved my style but the book wasn't for her. See? I'm learning. I thought agents repped people, not projects. Well, I'm still not sure how it all works. Hopefully,my next meeting will clear a few things up.

Still have features in front of producers. Still waiting. It's a tough row to hoe deciding when to follow up without making a nuisance of yourself. Wish me luck. (It's okay. Broken legs are just broken legs in literature).

I didn't plan to missive-ize on June 19, 2024, but since I have, let's celebrate the end of our nation's original sin on this day in 1865. I prefer to think of it by a name I'd never heard before - CelLiberation Day. That sounds about right to me. Now, let's practice what we preach and make everyone equal, not just in the eyes of God, but in the eyes of humanity.

Until next time.

Blessings all.


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