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Wanted Poster

My friend Gene is living in a 10x16 hut with a four foot porch. I'm not sure why, but he's a writer and I guess writer's do stuff like that. He says at one point "our wants far exceed our needs." Of course he's right. But it's all a matter of environment.

I'm in the middle of a terrific project right now. Unfortunately, I can't say any more because of non disclosure. But I'm exceedingly happy about it. It's the first time I've done this type of work and it's a pretty big deal for me. Real acting, real pay, real budget...well, that's a want answered.

I think wanting is not necessarily a bad thing. Narcissism, that's a bad thing. But wanting -- to be successful, good, improving -- is laudable. The human spirit is constantly striving. The desires of the heart, those God put in us, tug and pull and cajole. Those are good.

Without purpose we cease to exist.

Gene will say I took his comment out of context. Of course I did. He was talking about the poverty in his adopted Haiti compared to living three miles from a roaring river in bucolic Wisconsin. Those wants and needs are life and breath. Mine are esoteric.

But either case speaks to the human condition. Nourishment of spirit is no less important than nourishment of body. Some (me included) might argue it's more. Of course, I say this from my SoCal home in the lap of plenty. So, I judge not.

In a couple days I get to act some more. When I can I'll fill in the details here. Until then thank God for the rain, the sun and the sky, and ask Him to watch over little islands in the Caribbean.

P.S. If you want to know why Gene is living like an outlaw check out his blog at, and

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