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Under the Paragon Tree

I use Twitter as a public comment forum, but can't help but blur the lines a bit here. A little over a week ago Joe Biden crushed Donald Trump in the Presidential race. The votes are still being counted after this many days and his lead keeps growing. Halellujiah.

Let me sum up my feelings in three words: Thank you, God!

When it was projected that Biden was the president elect an anvil dropped off my shoulders. I don't know how many other people felt this way, or realized they felt this way, but subconsciously I walked under a drippy, rainy cloud these past four years. A friend of mine said he didn't even recognize the grey with which he was living until Trump was impeached. Finally, he exclaimed, some good news to lift his spirit.

My experience on that announcement Saturday was relief akin to euphoria. Never have I felt such a palpable reaction to an election. Finally, I thought, my country is back. We work again.

For historical perspective, Trump assaulted the conscience and character of my beloved nation. He divided as if to conquer, fomented hate speech and empowered racism to a degree not seen since slavery. His lies were proliferate and profligate. He was THE example of a desperately immature, insecure and incompetent leader. His resulting irrelevance after the election is a shining example of America righting a flagging ship. Waking up in a post - Trump world where Twitter is just Twitter again is rejuvenating. The fog has lifted, the sun is breaking through and truth is once again the truth.

That 76 million fellow Americans felt the same way revives in me the innocent hope I carried my entire life before 2016 - that we are basically good and compassionate and reasonable. I look forward now with a new old fashioned confidence in my country.

Politics at the highest level are never clean, but we're cleaner. We're focused on doing better not worse, healing not hurting. I can breathe again.

How does this effect my acting/writing/producing career? Who knows. It's a moment in history that deserves to be a moment in history. When America exorcised a demon from the White House. We have God and millions of prayers to thank.

I'll be watching January 20th when the final nail is hammered into the coffin of this horrible, embarrassing chapter. Thank you, my fellow citizens. We did it!

Stay safe, wear a mask and God bless you.


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