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More Is More Than A Word

God is so great! I was trending toward self pity the other day, lamenting things that weren't going my way. No auditions. No bookings. No attention. Boo hoo. I even sprung a nugget from my recesses, wondering why "they" hadn't called me in for dubbing. Why, why, why?

Don't you hate when people do that? Only talk about themselves and ignore the big picture? The fact is, was, I mean, I was chasing a rabbit I had no right to chase. And, God knew it. So, "out of the blue" I get an offer to dub. I know, right? Of all the things I could have thought and I thought dubbing? Okay, I'm thinking really hard now...t.v. series, t.v. series, t.v. series...

Seriously, though. God knows exactly what I need, and you need, and everyone needs. It's His thing. Incredible isn't it? That you and me and the guy next to you on the bus are His top priority? Well, this priority got a little kick in the faith pants through a part for which I didn't even have to audition. Now, that's service. (Did I mention, t.v. series, t.v. series, t.v. series...?)

The truth is I have been getting auditions. Good ones. And I'm grateful. As His top priority I don't want to take for granted they will always come. So, I'm grateful. I appreciate the chance to chase a dream He gave me. I do. Riddle me this, though. Is it wrong to ask for more bookings? Hey, I'm grateful. Which is why it isn't wrong to ask for more bookings. What are you doing right now? I hope it's something you love. Because God only gives us stuff we love. And, of course, we want to be successful, the best. The same thing He wants. I'm convinced He wants us to do all we can in this partnership and He'll take care of the rest. Whether it's lawyering, doctoring, negotiating, writing or any other ing, ask. It's what He wants.

I had my first session on the project yesterday. It was great, as usual. Engineer was great. Director was great. Part was great. It was great. I am really looking forward to the next sessions. Dubbing is FUN! And, that's the point. We should be having fun because fun is what He gives us.

So, ask for more. And, be grateful. I think that's faithful.


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