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Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's February and the nation is in the midst of a deep freeze. Places that have never seen snow are inches deep in it, and ice. Texas is a giant rink about now. Should I feel guilty that our beautiful SoCal is drenched in the seventy's and clear eyed politics? Am I alluding to some kind of political come-upance for destructive conservatism and it's bleeding legacy?

Two things. Three, really. First, God always has the last word. Second, arrogance deserves a slap in the face and third, this is supposed to be a blog about my career. Although, that sounds pretty arrogant, doesn't it?

For historical perspective, there is a brightness about the country in the wake of the Democratic takeover of Washington DC. The other party is splintering into a thousand pieces and deservedly so. Four years ago the worst possible outcome was ushered into the White House and did all he could to ruin the country for the vast majority of its citizens. A few months ago he was swept out in a landslide apparent to everyone except him and his denizens. Those denizens proceeded to storm the capital in an attempted coup. A coup he orchestrated and encouraged. I never thought I'd see such dereliction of citizenship in my country, heretofore the bastion of hope and tolerance. As just punishment works its way through the courts we all hope the former liar in chief winds up behind bars.

The ecological assault perpetrated by that administration on this country and, indeed, the world, has mercifully been stopped. But, the world has momentum. What was inflamed can't be extinguished in an instant. It'll take some time. But, we're heading in the right direction. Make no mistake; Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arkansas and other hard right states made the storms they're facing possible. Their neglect of even the most rudimentary common sense brought climate change upon them. It's not here to stay, thank God, but it's here for a while. And they've no one to blame but themselves. Of course, as progressives, we want to help them as much as we want to help ourselves. Because we as a nation are only as strong as the weakest among us. And, man, are they weak.

We in the land of plenty aren't blessed because we're good, we're good because we're blessed. We appreciate what God gave us and we want to honor that generosity. How? By taking responsibility for the stewardship He gave us. Reducing consumption, reusing material, preserving forests, maintaining water systems. No, we're not perfect. No, we're not saints. But, yes, we understand what needs to be done and are trying to do it. That's the difference.

I hope my brothers and sisters in the deep freeze south dig out of their misery today. Plenty of good people are suffering. In the aftermath let's all get together and put the good people in charge.

I suppose I should say something about my career. Well, the last week to a week and a half I've been pretty busy with auditions. Mental high five and a yippee! Praying for bookings and can use all the company I can get. I'm also about half way (maybe a little more) through my ninth novel. It's takes place primarily in a winter setting so the high winds and frozen sidewalks are inspirational coincidence. I'll let you know how it goes. Also, a few of my scripts are in front of producers. Fingers crossed, and crosses fingered. Okay, that's a long way to go for a divine quirk of phrase, but what they hey. He'll understand.

Wearing a mask and watching COVID 19 cases decline. Hoping you're doing the same. Blessings.


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