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Life As It Makes You

In the thick of the pandemic normal is what normal does. Let me explain.

Yesterday I had an audition. The thing is, auditions are hard to get. But, they were hard to get before the pandemic. So, normal is as normal does. The great thing about yesterday's was the live video with the casting director.

I hope we resume our same-room-ness when it's safe. But, in the absence of abstinence, this was a pretty good alternative. Face to face, voice to voice, person to person. It's as close to in-person as I've been since shelter in place became the newest nouveau chic.

What I've always loved about in person auditions are the redirects. Sometimes you get 'em, sometimes you don't. But, usually you do.

All of my practice led me to one conclusion - preparation is preparing to adjust. That's the heart of it for me. My teachers told me to expect nothing and prepare for everything. Great catch phrase, but hardly realistic. Depending on the other actor(s) the aura, vintage, energy and direction of one's own audition can be radically different. With a redirect in the offing, the work goes straight to the essence of what they want. And, what they want is important because, unless you're the money pony, getting hired isn't your decision.

I'm sick of talk about what an unusual time this is, how things are different, the new normal, blah, blah, blah, blah (gag!). These are tough times. Guess what? Every time is tough times. There's nothing unusual about now that hasn't been unusual about then a hundred times. Either we adjust or we put on a new career. I've heard it since I first said I wanted to be an actor.

This new wrinkle is just the spice that flavors our current moment. It's not bad, all things considered, and I'd like to do more. Hey, we're lucky to have the option.

I've been having a pretty good time of late. Booked on two Netflix dubbing gigs and did a little movie where I was actually on set. (Sanitizer, please?) I'm hoping to soon be able to say the name, (say the name), but non disclosures are non disclosures. So, I'll have to wait like everyone.

Wear a mask. (Sure, this dates the blog, but the dates right up there anyway). Stay safe.

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